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Beach clean ups

At our hands-on Beach Clean Ups, we sort and account for the trash that we collect, offer fun beach activities like surf lessons, beach yoga, kids art workshops, sustainability stories, and teach participants to love the beach. This help us all connect with many ways of learning, sharing, and teaching. Daana Blue serves the community with free beach cleanup events that educate and encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  Offering yoga by Mary Haberski @yogasurflove and surf lessons we inspire each people to care for one self first, activating a higher level awareness, both for self and for our environment. As a mechanism of tapping into higher frequencies in order to connect with the earth in new meaningful ways we believe that we all are connected. Humans, animals, beaches, ocean, and our beloved mother Earth all thrive together.  We aim to guide people to make daily choices that support the cohesive whole, rather than just the individual. Awareness is the key to all change, we have faith in our human family that when we know better, we will do better!


Sunday Sept. 22
9 am - 3 pm


Meet at Venice Beach Ale House

2 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291


Beach Yoga with Mary Haberski

Mary Haberski is the CEO and Founder of Daana Blue. Her love for surfing , yoga, and service inspired her to share these gifts with her community. She is a senior yoga teacher who loves to share the wisdom and knowledge of yoga and meditation at our events, encouraging that participants take time for self-care at the start of the event with the practice of yoga so that their service to the ocean and community comes from a full cup and reminds everyone the deep interconnections of humans and our planet.

Mary Haberski Daana Blue yoga.jpg

KIDS ZONE and micro-plastic art workshop

Kids are a big part of our focus at Daana Blue. While the adults are doing yoga the kiddos are too with teachers who specialize in kids yoga.  We also incorporate a micro-plastic art workshop to keep our ocean optimism alive and well. We teach them to take trash and a potential threat to the life of an animal and create something beautiful.  The kids we serve are the future and we focus on teaching an optimistic mindset and have guest speakers who educate on ocean conservation. 

Daana Blue Micro Plastics Collected in 1 hour.JPG


Surfing is a quintessential aspect of our events, we want our participants to feel as connected to the ocean as we do.  We share the stoke with free surf lessons once the beach cleanup is over. We know that as soon as you feel the energy of the water and the rush of riding a wave, it's hard not to want to do more to give back to something that provides not only joy, but life as we know it.


After Beach Cleanup; approx. 2pm


The Wave Huggers Tent


youth and corporate workshops

We have  partnered with LAUSD, Beyond the Bell, Students Serve LA, Cross Roads, youth groups, and various non-profit organizations who focus on kids community programs. By building interactive workshops for educating on ocean conservation, which incorporate yoga and mindfulness practices. We also partner with corporations for team building events with beach cleanups, yoga, and surfing.


Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening


Designated by Sponsor



With the generous donations of our corporate sponsors and companies who are trailblazing sustainability practices we share products with our participants. We are encouraging them to invest in the betterment of humanity and the earth with their product choices.


Ocean Friends

Ocean Friends is a program powered by Daana Blue and our heart centered sponsors, geared towards Los Angeles youth. We strive for east to meet west, not just through our practices, but with the demographic of our kids. Sadly, LAUSD students are at a 90% poverty level, most people are unaware of this and in our opinion, we all should be aware of this. 

Ocean Friends bridges the gap between kids who share different realities by giving them opportunities to build lasting friendships of mutual support, through community and honest education. The kids are given tools to be lead by their hearts as they learn through mindfulness practices and being of service to the environment and humanity. 

The state of our oceans have hit critical mass.  With climate change and pollution, we have seen an alarming decline of life in our oceans, which translates to the same for human life on land. But we aren't worried, we are motivated!  Our programs receives monitory donations from families of privilege and other benefactors to bring underserved youth to the beach for a day of yoga/meditation, mindfulness practices, giving back, inspiration, education and ocean conservation.  

We inspire the children to break the status quo, ask questions, think freely, and give back, regardless of what life experience they were born into.  Ocean Friends not only cleans our beaches and protects our oceans, we offer tools to unlock human potential, liberating these young minds to break through systematic oppression as one.  They build confidence and leadership skills and are given real life education on developing themselves as unique and much needed beings of our planet.

Through our program we remind the children that they are here for greatness, that together we are power, together we build a better tomorrow, together WE ARE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE.


Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening


Will be determined by School or Association

Daana Blue Monthly Membership
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