Our Mission

To Educate, Inspire, and Empower Responsible Ocean Stewards!

Through our family friendly beach clean ups, ocean activities, and education programs we are connecting like minded enthusiasts to bring environmental practices into their daily lives.


Why We All Need to Show Up!

Daana Blue is an ocean conservation organization with focus on raising awareness to support the health our oceans, animals, earth, and humanity. We educate through talks, yoga, surfing, beach cleanups, workshops, and events; with extensive collaboration with like-minded businesses and individuals. Our goal is to guide people towards making more sustainable choices with their buying power and day to day actives, so that we may come into symbiosis with our planet again. 


Dāna or Daana

(Pāli, Sanskrit: दान dāna)

Generosity or Giving, a form of alms. In hinduism, buddhism, and jainism it is the practice of cultivating generosity. Ultimately, the practice culminates in one of the perfections (pāramitā): the perfection of giving - dāna-pāramitā.


Highlight of our Morning!

"Daana Blue is awesome! No other team of people out there bringing you free beach yoga and surf lessons, plastic pollution education, a beach cleanup, AND cool giveaways - all in one place. Definitely a great opportunity to connect with nature and our community on the weekends with family or friends. I’ve already taken my sister and my boyfriend with me on multiple occasions and it’s turned out to be a highlight of our morning. Thanks for putting these events together!”

— Steph L, Impact Volunteer