Ocean Conservation & Education

Join us for Family Friendly Beach Cleanups

w/ Free Guided Yoga, Art and Surf Lessons.


Our Mission

To Educate, Inspire, and Empower Responsible Ocean Stewards!

Through our family friendly beach clean ups, ocean activities, and education programs we are connecting like minded enthusiasts to bring environmental practices into their daily lives.


Social and Environmental Impact

We are changing the habits of individuals through education. This impact is being felt by the people that come to our events, shared through their experiences, and being taught to their friends and family. We all need powerful reminders to shift our daily practices, to make mindful purchases, support sustainable businesses, and encourage a less wasteful society.



beach clean ups served

Daana Blue has provided free yoga, mediation, and surf lessons for hundreds of children and adults.



microplastics collected

Every day plastic is broken down into tiny little pieces, these pieces end up in our oceans, in our fishes, and into our stomachs. We need to stop purchasing plastic.


cigarette butts collected

These filters hold cancer causing chemicals in the remaining fibers, killing local animals, insects, and ocean life. Don’t toss your Butt.


Our Programs

Offering a variety of activities at all of our events encourages maximum participation, engagement and empowered education within our community. Our hands-on Beach Clean Ups, where we sort and account for the trash that we collect, give an up-close look at the root of the issue while interactive beach activities like surf lessons, beach yoga, kids art workshops, and sustainability stories, teach participants to love the beach and treat it with the respect it deserves. By creating lasting impressions, we are changing the way we interact as individuals, as well as the greater whole. 

Our beach clean-ups are different. Driven by a passion to educate and encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we aim to guide people to make daily choices that support the natural cycles of life. We want you to see your role as an individual and as a piece of the cohesive whole.


Beach clean ups and yoga with Mary Haberski

Educate and encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, both for one self and for our environment. We aim to guide people to make daily choices that support the cohesive whole.

youth and corporate workshops

We have partnered with LAUSD, corporations for team building events, Beyond the Bell, youth groups, Cross Roads, various kids community programs and Students Serve LA to build interactive workshops for educating on ocean conservation. Whether you want to inspire teens or drive positive change in your professional niche, our ocean conservation education programs can help. We even incorporate yoga and mindfulness practices into each event.

Surf Lessons by WaveHuggers

We want our participants to feel as connected to the ocean as we do.  We share the stoke with free surf lessons because we know that as soon as you feel the energy of the water and the rush of riding a wave, you will want to protect something that provides joy and life as we know it.

kids zone and art station

Our skilled teachers, specialized in kid’s yoga, incorporate a micro-plastic art workshop to keep ocean optimism alive. By teaching them that trash - and its potential threat to animal life - can still be made into something beautiful, we shift the outlook from somber to encouraging and empowering for delicate young minds.


Ocean friends

A program geared towards Los Angeles youth, for the east to meet west, not just through our practices, but with the demographic of our kids.

90% of LAUSD students are in households below the poverty level.

Ocean Friends bridges the gap between kids who share different realities

by giving them opportunities to build lasting friendships of mutual support, through community and honest education. Giving kids the tools to lead with their hearts as they learn through mindfulness practices and being of service to the environment and humanity. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 1.42.38 PM.png

October 2018

“Being able to serve our community with this fun and friendly group is such an honor! Mary has a heart to help others make changes that impact our planet for the better. If you have a chance to join one of these special events DO IT!!!”

Angie R/ Volunteer



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Get Involved

Come down to one of our beach clean ups, bring your friends, co workers, parents, kids, and boss. Every event offers free give away prizes, beverages, snacks, and a great time! We are expanding locations and would love help in every city. Just showing up is the most important part, thats where your impressions, your perspective, and your beliefs are shifted.


corporate partnerships

We work with businesses all over southern California to provide a fun beach activity that gives back to the local community and encourages team building.

Volunteer opportunities

Every event we are looking for fun volunteers that want to make ocean conservation exciting and engaging! We also are looking for talented people who have experience in the non-profit world who can help us grow!

Make a Donation

All of our beach activities are offered for free, to create a community of earth and ocean loving people. We need your support to help bring all of our programs to a broader audience.