Mary Haberski

After being in the ocean a hand full of times, Chicago native, Mary Haberski picked up on surfing as soon as she moved to LA. Since she started she hasn't stopped and it completely changed her life's trajectory. Her passion for surfing lead her to seeing a staggering amount of trash in the water and she felt propelled to give back to that which fuels her soul the most and founded Daana Blue. She combined her love for service, yoga, and surfing as an offering to her community, turning her passion project into a non-profit. When she's not cleaning the beaches or surfing you can find her teaching yoga world-wide, inspiring transformation in people of all ages. She has been featured on Girl Central Television, Voyage LA Mag, The Inertia, Female Creatives, The Fabulous, DTO Music, The Amplified, Yoga Audacious, Exceed Evolution, The Modern Sacred Circle Podcast, is a speaker and mentor for the Skillify panel, and was awarded the National Global Woman Award for Inspiration.

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Mary Haberski founded Daana Blue with a passion to give back and to inspire conscious stewards. Along the way she has formed a team of like minded individuals who have believed in her vision to encourage a more sustainable future.

Board of Directors

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Helina Beck

Helina Beck grew up in Palos Verdes, CA and was introduced to surfing at a young age. She quickly fell in love with surfing and how it gave her a chance to be connected to the ocean. As she pursued her passion and spent as much time as the beach as possible and traveling to different surf destinations, she began to learn about the growing threats to the ocean environment and made it her mission to continue her life in the ocean but to live more sustainably and to help educate others to do the same. She founded Wavehuggers, an ocean conscious surf school, as a way to share her passion for surfing and to connect people to the ocean in order to motivate them to protect it. To accomplish this mission, Helina and Wavehuggers sponsor beach clean ups put on by organizations such as Daana Blue and offers free surf lessons to those that help clean the beach.To take further action in ocean conservation, Helina joined the board of Daana Blue.


Aaron Taylor

Born in Redondo Beach, California, Aaron was drawn to the ocean through influences from his uncle and father, and his love for nature changed forever through trips to beach cities around the globe. After wining his first environmental science award, for an experiment on Ocean water run off in LA county in 1998, he was quickly drawn to the harsh effects of human influence on the environment. Volunteering for a nonprofit that recycles surfboards in San Diego, he gained much of his knowledge about effects of consumer goods and their life cycle impacts on the world. Currently he is working with various businesses and non profits that focus on creating great products that benefit the environment. His focus remains on Encouraging an educated consumer, and investing in companies everyday that think about the environment as well as their profits.

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Asad Linden

Asad Linden was born in Guyana and grew up around the Washington DC area. From early childhood he has been an advocate for environmental conservation. He has been an integral part of Daana Blue since the very first cleanup and has been dedicated many hours to getting the organization off the ground.

Asad continues to practice good stewardship of the planet through daily actions as well as volunteering with other organizations dear to his heart. When he isn’t volunteering his time for the greater good you can find him cooking as a private chef for parties and connecting people with their dream homes and businesses with perfect locations through his thriving real estate business.

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Micaela Passeri

Micaela Passeri is an Award winning Emotional Intelligence Expert, International Speaker, Author and founder of the Love Your Evolution training programs. She helps her clients resolve issues such as low self-confidence, inner conflict, anxiety, fears, procrastination, limiting beliefs, depression and business stagnation. Trained in NLP, MER and Emotion Code and holding many certifications, Micaela helps people on a soulful journey to discover their voice, become more self-aware and master their inner and outer relating to the world. She has sat on the Boards of several non-profits, was the former Co-President of the Santa Monica Holistic Chamber of Commerce and is now the current Regional Director for the Global Woman Club Los Angeles.

Micaela has always felt a pull from the Ocean. It has called her with it’s every changing surface and transforming breeze and sound.  That is why she can’t be too far from it. Serving the Ocean in this way is a way she remains in Gratitude for all the Joy, Peace and Harmony she has experienced from it.